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Vast Experience and Network Facilitate Transactions

Kian Veissy has joined Mike Saedlo providing full array of business brokerage and consulting.Mike Saedlo has been specialized in offering business service is Washington Metro areas for over 20 years and $200M in sales.Acquiring or selling a business or mergers and acquisitions are very complex processes. Kian has been involved in operating many businesses and has accumulated vast experience in this arena He has an extensive network of business specialists that can help facilitate selling or purchasing a business.

Appraisal and Evaluation

Property valuation

We will examine your business and financial documents for proper valuation. This initial process will help both buyers and sellers to streamline the selling process resulting in lower legal fees and faster closing. We examine the local and national market for the best possible pricing.


Property buying

Buying the right business can be a daunting prospect. The KVRES team of specialists can assist in streamlining this process by examining your objectives and focusing on the financials Analysis of financial stability can be tricky, so expertise is needed to make sure the required cash is achieved and the right return on your investment is realized KVRES will negotiate hard on your behalf for the right price and financing.


Property selling

Selling a business requires considerable planning in order to obtain the best price and highest return on your investment. KVRES should be involved in the process way in advance of the marketing phase. This allows a detailed analysis of business financials to obtain the right pricing as well as the necessary time to implement any business improvements needed for greater return Once ready for marketing, businesses get exposure through conventional and internet media to rapidly achieve objectives, Potential buyers are taken through a qualification process initially assisting all parties of the transaction.


Sale of housing

Financing a business purchase is a completely different process than you residential process KVRES has a valuable network of local and regional banks that we work to achieve the highest quality and least cost for our clients. This process may require initial planning, therefore, your accountant should be consulted immediately and next KVRES should be contacted much ahead of the transaction for a better outcome.

Management Consulting

Home sale consulting

Kían as part of his vast experience was acting as a General Manager of a high tech local company providing automation services to retailers and wholesalers by way of hardware and software support and services. By critically examine your enterprise our management services and offer solutions to minimize shrinkage, offer more efficient process enabling an increase in your sales and reducing administrative cost and overhead. KVRES offers marketing services especially in web-based solutions and social networking.

Merchant Credit Services

Merchant services

KVRES is partnered with cashnet Inc for credit card and merchant processing as well as automating businesses. Cashnet Solutions is the premier end-to-end provider of financial transaction services and payment products, Cashnet technologically advanced systems provide turnkey solutions for every type of purchase Including credit card processing, debit card processing, electronic funds transfers, electronic checks, and numerous alternative payment methods. Our tight-knit team and our dedication to excellent customer service make cashnet one of the most sought-after payment processing service companies in the industry.

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