sophisticated tactics for a challenging market

In a uniquely challenging real estate market, the KVRES approach is a comprehensive marketing plan that adapts to change. This flexible methodology requires knowledge of the condition and value of other homes on the market, as well as the market absorption rate. Past, current and future market conditions and factors are closely examined and interpreted to deliver results that align with financial objectives. This collection of sophisticated tactics is a hallmark of KVRES.


With more than 27 years’ experience in real estate, Kian will painstakingly examine all possible outcomes and market conditions to protect your equity and deliver results in a timely manner. In the previous uptrend market, this level of expertise didn’t matter as much. But billions of dollars in homeowner’s equity have been lost during the last few years, a trend that may continue in many markets. How you end up financially in such a dynamic market requires a specialist whose market knowledge can work to override adverse conditions.


In a downturn market, timing can impact your financial well-being tremendously and is therefore extremely important.


Setting the right price is the result of knowing the value of your home and the value of the competition so the best market position can be determined in order to achieve optimum results.

Local Knowledge

Property values can be impacted by present and future real estate projects as well as infrastructure and transportation projects planned by state and federal agencies. As a former developer, Kian knows that keeping a close eye on these developments can provide clients with the best outlook and tremendous value.


If you’re planning to buy a house, the timing has never been better. The ideal combination of experience and market knowledge offered by KVRES can help you find your dream home. Kian’s certification in short sales and foreclosures will assist you in examining all possible options, as well as aid in the pre-qualification process and in procuring the right mortgage