a network of specialists ensures greatest value

The roots of KVRES are firmly planted in commercial real estate services. Kian’s extensive network of specialists in land, office, industrial, flex-space, retail, and warehouse transactions ensures that clients receive the greatest value. Purchasing or leasing commercial properties requires specialized services and analysis in terms of location, current and future financial projections, and timing. Negotiating a commercial property deal is a highly complex art that requires ample experience to guarantee the success of the transaction and avoid loss of time and capital.


Clear objectives and extensive planning with such professionals as architects and engineers is mandatory. KVRES can examine the resources available and obtain additional resources as needed.  Land investment requires long-term planning as well as financial projection, areas in which KVRES excels.


Purchasing versus leasing your office space requires consultation with your accountant before getting involved with a Realtor. KVRES can assist in site location, setting the right price, executing in a time-sensitive manner, and negotiating terms, including any needed improvements.


Location and traffic count are crucial to the livelihood of a retail business. KVRES and its network of specialists can provide an in-depth analysis to select the right location and negotiate the right price.