vast experience and network facilitate transactions

Acquiring or selling a business is a complex process. Kian has been involved in operating many businesses and has accumulated vast experience in this arena. He is a member of Mid-Atlantic Business Intermediaries Association and has an extensive network of business specialists that can help facilitate selling or purchasing a business.


Selling a business requires considerable planning in order to obtain the best price and highest return on your investment. KVRES should be involved in the process way in advance of the marketing phase. This allows a detailed analysis of business financials to obtain the right pricing as well as the necessary time to implement any business improvements needed for greater return. Once ready for marketing, businesses get exposure through conventional and internet media to rapidly achieve objectives.


Buying the right business can be a daunting prospect. The KVRES team of specialists can assist in streamlining this process by examining your objectives and focusing on the financials. Analysis of financial stability can be tricky, so expertise is needed to make sure the required cash flow is achieved and the right return on your investment is realized. KVRES will negotiate hard on your behalf for the right price and financing.